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 CapleJarrad Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: CapleJarrad Ban Appeal    Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:38 am

I server was having lag because Octokieran72 was speed flying and it looked like that i would never hack I'm am 19 I'm not a baby that would do something like that. Please consider unbanning me because I wouldn't want to hack it would take the fun out of tekkit so please consider unbanning me. This is a terrible experience for me because i have only been banned 2 times before this and 1 of them was because they thought i stole something but it was a person who stole from me so please unban me i didn't hack and swear on my life i didn't hack it was just server lag. So please consider unbannig me.

Your Thanks From CapleJarrad

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CapleJarrad Ban Appeal
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