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 Nerve65's Moderator application

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PostSubject: Nerve65's Moderator application   Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:28 pm

This is nerve65 and I'm applying for admin because I want to help you guys out with the server! I am a guy, 16, and I know how a admin works, because I am one on other servers. You have to know not to give out free items and not take advantage of rank. GTM-7hours. If I going to be exact on how much i know about Tekkit I would say about 93%.

Why I should become a Admin:
1~When You guys are not on i am on
2~I'm 9 hours behind you that means when you are night i am day
3~I'm loyal Very Happy
4~nice to other/new players
5~I say Welcome! when new players join if i have a chance to
6~I vote extremely frequently
7~I'm a good builder, I;m not as good as caplejarrad is but im still pretty good.
8~I'm good at following directions/orders
9~I have been a admin once and a moderator twice
10~I've never broken any rules and have never been banned and only kicked for "spamming" a tp request because my friend missed it the first time

So yeah i guess there's my application and reasons and i really hope that if not me then caplejarrad instead

(but I'd rather you have
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Nerve65's Moderator application
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